New Construction: Understanding of your expectations for yourself and your familiy.
Thanks to 25 years of experience, MAVIMAR YACHT CONSULTING will guide you choose the yacht that suits you. Knowing how to advise to also able to adapt your yacht for proper use. Our naval architect & marine engineer has a passion for designing and construction of any size and any kind of yachts.

Management Approach

Our approach to building your boat is to have you involved in every step of the way in the following areas:

  • Defining your boat: We take the time to listen to your special requirements and reflect them in the drawing, the full technical specifications and budget requirements. Our naval architect uses 3D designs that easily allow for fast design modification and alternations.
  • Contracts: We arrange the contracts with suppliers, shipyard and sub-contractors
  • Administration: On your behalf we undertake the documents for the classification societies including Lloyds, RINA and ABS; legal, insurance and flag registration and certifications.sonresimler (11)

You are assigned a management team that works with your representative and engineer. Our team brings to your project their vast yacht building experience from Europe and Turkey. They put in place the construction, management and financial controls. Our role is to provide you a boat of quality thus attention to detail is controlled at all levels of construction while meeting the technical requirement, timelines and budgets. We adopt an open communication approach where you always know the outcomes of all meetings with interested parties. We are aware that during the design and construction, your needs and requirements will change. Our management approach is designed to allow for alterations and additions. These requests are fully documented, costed and will proceed only with your approval. A typical interior package would include a set of detailed arrangement drawings, elevations (4) and a reflected ceiling plan for each space in the vessel, a detailed material specification as well as general cabinet and moulding details. We can continue with material sourcing, and as much additional construction detail as is required by your contractor.

one of our project day cruiser.
Sample of some our project
sample of our computer interior design.
 You want a boat that you are proud to use. You receive the creative input, a management team 
heading up a team of craftspeople.
We bring to your project our experience in:
  • Sailing and motor yachts
  • Steel and aluminium construction
  • Wood construction